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Matt Mansfield
Matt MansfieldChief Resource Hunter

So why this site?

After owning my own business for years, I decided it was time to write. Writing fiction has always been a dream of mine however, llife up ’til now had led me toward the non-fiction world of blog and article writing.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with non-fiction of course! It’s just that it’s not fiction (well, duh) and to me, it wasn’t enough to scratch my itch.

Thus I started writing and was having a grand old time having at it when I realized was falling back into an old habit of mine. You see, most of my non-fiction writing focuses on online solutions and tools. After 15+ years of that, I’ve become adept at researching and discovering the best options for all types of business and personal tasks.

I’ve always wondered why writing those types of articles and posts appealed to me however, it wasn’t until recently that I figured it out. The catalyst for my insight was the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book.

Discovering My Strengths

At its core, the point of this book is the assertion that you can achieve the most if you focus on your strengths.

By far the most valuable part of the book is the unique code that’s embedded within each copy. This code enables you to go online and take their strength assessment to discover your top 5 strengths or talents.

Here are mine:

  1. Activator – making things happen by turning thoughts into action.
  2. Learner – love of learning for learning’s sake – the process of learning is more important than the outcome.
  3. Intellection – characterized by intellectual activity – introspective and appreciate intellectual discussion.
  4. Input – a craving to know more – like to collect and archive all kinds of information.
  5. Responsibility – take psychological ownership of what they say they will do.

In hindsight, my top 5 strengths came as no surprise however, they did explain why I loved discovering, researching and disseminating information to others (folks with learner and input in the top five are especially passionate about the last one).

What Does That Have to Do with this Site?

As I focused on writing fiction, I found myself doing what I always do: looking for the best solutions, tools and processes to incorporate into my craft. As usual, I quickly amassed a mountain of resources for everything from plotting to characters, publishing, reference and more.

This site is my way of sharing those resources with other writers. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, my hope is that you’ll find something useful; something that will help take your craft and writing career to the next level.

And that’s why this site.